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Final Faction: 10 Compelling Reasons Collectors Should Be Interested In The Toyline

We previously gave you Five Reasons To Explore Masters of the Universe Origins, and now we wanted to give collectors a more accessible option as well!  For collectors seeking an affordable and captivating toy line, Final Faction, available at Dollar Tree, offers a unique and exciting experience. With its accessible price point, diverse range of characters, intriguing backstory, and compatibility with other toy lines, Final Faction presents a compelling proposition for collectors. Let's explore the top 10 reasons why collectors should be interested in Final Faction.

1. Affordable Price Point and Army Building

Final Faction Kharn Drone brought to you courtesy of

Final Faction's $1 - $1.25 price point per figure makes the toyline accessible to collectors of all budgets. This level of affordability allows collectors to amass a substantial collection without breaking the bank. For instance, you can build a formidable army of heroic "Alpha Team 1" figures to combat the evil alien threat known as "The Kharn". The Kharn all lend themselves very well to army building, even if you just picked up a few Drones with every trip to Dollar Tree.

2. Fleshed Out and Classic "Elite Force versus Alien Incursion" Backstory

Final Faction offers an engaging storyline featuring an epic conflict between the military heroes known as "Alpha Team 1", and the formidable alien threat known as "The Kharn". Collectors can collect iconic characters like the valiant Captain Valor or the fearless Major Steel to lead the charge against the alien general Krepitus an his army of Kharn drones.  This captivating clash of forces adds depth and excitement to the toy line, making it an enticing choice for collectors.

3. Multimedia Content Brings "Final Faction" To Life

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Final Faction's rich backstory extends beyond the toys themselves, with comic books and a YouTube animated show expanding the universe.

Through these mediums, collectors can dive into the immersive world of Final Faction, following the heroic adventures of their favorite characters. The comprehensive storytelling approach adds depth and longevity to the collecting experience.



Final Faction Animated Ep 2 9:15 Minutes

4. Classic 5-Points Articulation

Embracing the charm of traditional action figures, Final Faction utilizes the classic 5-points articulation system. Figures in this line feature poseable arms, legs, and head, allowing collectors to create dynamic and action-packed scenes. The simplicity and durability of the 5-points articulation system make Final Faction figures both nostalgic and engaging for collectors.

Final Faction Elite Alpha Team 1 Variant Set courtesy of

5. Array of Unique Vehicles

Final Faction Rumbler Kharn Vehicle courtesy of

To enhance play and display options, Final Faction offers a range of compatible vehicles. Collectors can commandeer vehicles like the Battle Tank or the Stealth Helicopter to navigate dangerous terrains and engage The Kharn in thrilling battles. The availability of vehicles provides collectors with exciting opportunities to create immersive and action-packed scenarios.

And even better, these vehicles maintain the Dollar Tree price point by featuring modular designs - so you can continuing buying various accessories if you want to outfit your vehicle to it's highest level of combat capabilities!

Final Faction Elite ATV Alpha Team 1 Vehicle courtesy of

6. Cross-Toyline Compatibility


Final Faction figures, vehicles and weapons packs can be mixed and matched fairly successfully with other relevant toys such as your similarly sized G.I. Joes. This cross-toyline compatibility allows collectors to blend characters from different toy lines, opening the door to epic crossovers. For instance, you can stage a joint operation between a Final Faction hero and a G.I. Joe character, expanding the possibilities for creative storytelling and display.

7. Great Packaging with Clip and Save File Cards

Final Faction MOC Figure with Clip and Save Card courtesy of wave1collectibles.comFinal Faction figures come packaged in visually appealing cardbacks, adorned with vibrant artwork. Each package includes clip-and-save file cards featuring character profiles, great illustrations and graphed out power levels.  Collectors can clip and save these file cards for reference, immersing themselves in the intricate world of Final Faction while appreciating the artwork that adorns each package.
8. Community and Trading Opportunities

Thanks to Final Faction's affordable price point and the possibility of army building, collectors have numerous opportunities for community engagement and trading. Online collector forums, social media groups, and local communities provide platforms for collectors to connect, share their passion, discuss figures, and even trade with fellow enthusiasts. The accessible nature of Final Faction figures fosters a sense of camaraderie and collaboration among collectors.

9. Accessory Packs To Enhance An Army

Final Faction offers accessory packs allowing collectors to customize their figures further. These packs provide additional accessories such as weapons, gear, and specialized equipment, allowing collectors to outfit their heroes and villains with unique loadouts. Accessory packs not only create added-value to your collection, but are sold to enhance your army as well as specific character add-ons.

Final Faction Accessory Pack courtesty of

10. Variants and Randomized Paint Apps

The line was shipped with army building in mind - frequently you will find various Kharn drones or other army builders with slight shading differences that make for great variation in your army building. Additionally, the line has offered some neat variations to each figure, recently redecoing Alpha Team 1 in gold as "Elite" editions, giving collectors the excitement of variants and limited edition releases. Variations add a thrill to the hunt for dedicated collectors, providing an opportunity to own truly unique armies in 3.75" form.

Final Faction The Kharn Variations courtesy of

Final Faction, available at Dollar Tree, offers an enticing toy line for collectors of all ages. With an affordable price point, diverse range of characters, engaging backstory, compatibility with other toy lines, classic articulation, exciting vehicles, great packaging, community engagement, accessory packs, and the allure of collectible variants, Final Faction presents a compelling option for collectors seeking an immersive and enjoyable collecting experience.

 Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting out, Final Faction provides the opportunity to build a dynamic collection, engage in imaginative play, and connect with a passionate community. Don't miss out on the affordable treasures that Final Faction has to offer, as it continues to gain recognition and establish itself as a must-have line for action figure enthusiasts.

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