Marvel Studios Announces "Nova" in MCU But Market Overlooks Nova's Worldmind

Marvel Studios Announces "Nova" in MCU But Market Overlooks Nova's Worldmind

Marvel Comics New Warriors member turned cosmic-hero, Nova has been rumored for introduction into the MCU for some time now. But it seems that we recently got confirmation through Deadline that Marvel has pushed Nova into development with Moon Knight writer, Sabir Pirzada writing the show.

I'm a big fan of Richard Ryder's Nova, especially with the evolution of the character into a cosmic-powerhouse. We saw this in the Annihilation series, which also developed the character further by making him good buddies and contemporaries with Wendell Vaughn's Quasar.  I've followed Nova for some time, and even compiled a nice hoard of examples of his first appearance in Nova #1 out of love for the character.  Sometime back we also created a W1C infographic highlighting some key Nova appearances as well....

Marvel Comics Key Nova First Appearances brought to you by Wave 1 Collectibles

With the recent confirmation that the character' is slated to appear in the MCU on film, social media has lit up with interest and the great CBSI website even shows two of the books above on their popular Top Ten list. But it looks like Nova #8 has been overlooked so far by the wider market.

Nova #8 is the 1st appearance of the Worldmind - the Nova Corps central guiding intelligence and neo-cosmic entity. The Worldmind is a staple Nova character, but was given greater prominence as a sort of guide and resource for Richard Ryder across the very well executed Abnett, Lanning and Chen Nova (2007) post-Annihilation series.

It's hard to imagine a Nova movie that ignores the Worldmind.  Nova vol 1 #8 has been a long-time favorite book of mine and I would encourage collectors and fans to turn their attention to this one now before speculators get wind and eat this one up.

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