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Welcome to W1C

Wave 1 Collectibles was a dream of mine that has developed over 30 years of collecting comic books, cards and toys cultivated from newsstands, comic shops, conventions, private sales and other oddities of collecting opportunity.  I always wanted to create an outlet for collectors that represented the "drive to complete" a collection that motivates us to dig through bargain boxes, brave busy convention floors and meet the myriad of expressive and fun personalities that are replete through our hobby.

Even the W1C name itself is born of that sense of collector completion - referencing how collections are typically released in "waves" that encourage fans to complete sets that they love.  The W1C Trireme logo represents this name in conjunction with a toy ship sailing the vast sea of the pop-culture hobby which spans comics, cards, movies, toys and other apocrypha as well.

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This site is an effort to increase the Wave 1 Collectibles presence that I have attempted to bring into the public consciousness through various grass roots marketing campaigns, hours on convention floors and 30 years of great relationships with people across the hobby and often around the world as well.


W1C Grassroots Marketing Extends To the Instagram Community

I hope that everyone is able to find something they cherish in our store - initially hosted through our eBay store, and slowly migrating here as well. Please stop by to read our blog from time to time as we have years of writing and publishing credit under our belts as well. My hope is that the W1C team will grow in relevancy and become a cherished and reliable outlet for collectors everywhere.


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