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Zoom Suit | 2005 Superverse Promo 2-Disc DVD Signed John Taddeo Auto Animated

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Zoom Suit | Superverse [2005]
Promotional 2-Disc DVD | Signed by creator John Taddeo

Zoom Suit - the "Best Animated Movie" as awarded at the 2005 Palm Beach Film Festival. Created by Marvel Comics Marketing Executive John Taddeo, Zoom Suit was later released as a 4-issue Superverse mini-series following up this animated movie.  These DVD's were originally pressed and released by Superverse Productions as promotional-use-only copies. Some editions were packed with a five card set of Zoom Suit Trading Cards, but other, scarcer DVD's were released as these 2-Discs sets with a special features disc. This edition, signed by creator John Taddeo is available here and rarely pop up on eBay.  This copy is in great, like new condition for traditional comic book or anime fans, or fans of Iron Man and Valiant Comics, from which this series homages and is modeled.  This is a great opportunity to add this great flick to your movie library now!

Zoom Suit Promotional DVD autographed animated movie 2005

Zoom Suit Promotional 2-Disc DVD autographed animation